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I help you get what you want (Not sure what that is? I'll help you figure it out)

Mentorship, coaching, consultation. This goes by many names, but there's one goal, to help you figure out what you want and create action steps to help you get what you want. I will provide you with as much guidance as possible so you can find the answers that best suit who you are. This is for people interested in career and personal development. See what people have to say.

My coaching programmes are based on psychological principles and takes an action based approach. Determine if it’s right for you

I have worked with different kinds of people so far, from university students to people 20 years into their career. I've worked with people who feel stuck and don't know what move to make next, people who want to switch to a new career, people interested in UX, people who want to start a side hustle and don't know what to do, and a lot more.

Some of the people I've worked with:

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Speaking to Lade helped me understand the importance of user research and how to go about it properly. I applied some of what I learnt from the call in an interview for a Product Designer role. The interviewers were so impressed with my responses that I was offered a Product Manager role on the spot.

Olamide J, Product Manager at Workforce Group

I found the session with Lade to be very productive. It was the push I needed to start moving in the direction of the goals that we discussed. I loved how personalized and practical the session was. While we were speaking, Lade provided resources that I could immediately start using.

Teju A, Product Manager @ Buycoins

What worked really well is that Lade gave me actionable things I should be doing in the first few weeks of my internship. Lade tailored her answers to my specific goal which was to become full-time, so I really appreciated that. Lade gave me a long-term tip about writing down what I did each day which I have found to be super helpful.

Diana A, Content Strategy Intern @ Shopify