About the course

<aside> 💡 Our course is project-based and focused on helping everyone from product designers and product managers to aspiring UX researchers learn how to confidently conduct research and distill actionable insights.



How does it work?

This is a self paced on demand course with live feedback on assignments and projects. The course can be completed in 6-8 weeks depending on your pace. You are guaranteed assignment feedback for up to 8 weeks.

Although it is self paced and on demand, because of the live feedback and on demand aspect of the course, there are only 12 slots per cohort and a new cohort every quarter.

You will have access to the videos for 6 months (to keep you accountable). For the templates and resources, you’ll have lifetime access.

For the duration of the course and for as long as you want to, you'll be part of a Telegram group where you can get answers to your questions and connect with people in your learning cohort.

Why this course?

For as long as we've been UX Researchers we have gotten so many questions from multiple people. Sometimes it's one question about a specific thing and other times it's people wanting classes. So, reason one: demand from hopeful researchers

The second reason is that we've seen a growing demand for UX Researchers, particularly in Africa. Compared to 6 years ago when Lade started working as a UX Researcher, there are many roles opening up. But there's a skill gap.

We believe that by taking this course, you'll be better equipped to take advantage of the many opportunities opening up to UX Researchers today.


by Israel Adetuwo, Product Designer @ TestGorilla

by Israel Adetuwo, Product Designer @ TestGorilla

How is it different from other courses?