<aside> 💡 This guide doesn’t contain information on how to get a job in the Netherlands (Here’s a list of employers who are legally able to sponsor relocation and the EU Job board. You can check their websites for vacancies) It’s for when you’ve gotten a job (or school admission) and you want to start the process of moving. It’s written based on the experience of moving for work but some of it might be relevant for students.

It is also written from the perspective of moving from Nigeria to the Netherlands (specifically Amsterdam) in December 2021 so some things may be outdated. But some of the things here are generally applicable to anyone moving to the Netherlands.


<aside> ❗ None of this is legal, financial, or any other kind of advice. Please contact a lawyer or other recognised source for specific help


Before the move

Review your employment contract

Short stay

If you're moving for work, your employer might provide you with up to a month at a short stay apartment or you may stay in a hotel.

Airbnb isn't really the best for short stay searches except you're staying for a month or longer. And even then it can be difficult.

Recommended sites for short stay. Start searching and book way ahead of time.

Reviews for HousingAnywhere & SpotAHome are mixed, so be careful

Searching for a house

<aside> 💡 When searching for a house, ensure that you can register with the address at the municipality


<aside> 💡 MVA is the professional organization of brokers and they have a list of certified brokers that deal with expats.


<aside> 💡 It's advisable to view houses before you rent (especially if you're not renting from places like OurDomain & Holland2stay) but I know people who got their apartments before moving and without viewing face to face