Do you cringe at the thought of promoting yourself and what you do? Do you want to feel less icky about sharing your work? This 10+ page checklist, created by Lade Tawak, will help you see where you're doing well and where you need to improve on self promotion and personal branding skills and grow your career. Feel free to share the FREE checklist with anyone you think needs it.

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Get the companion ebook with extra resources, details, notes, tips, exercises, and explanations to help you create content that is easily discoverable. You'll also learn why and how to repurpose and syndicate content, tips on contacting people to collaborate with and a lot more. Let your potential clients and employers come to you.

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Whether you want to freelance or work in full time employment or both, this ebook contains proven tips, tools, and guides to help you overcome the weirdness associated with self promotion. Get it now for only ₦10,500 (~$22) and learn the art of self promotion without feeling icky.

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It's easy to understand for one. Another is, while I'm well aware as to how to market for big brands, there are some titbits on personal marketing that I might have overlooked if I hadn't read it. Because my time is so tight, I'm reading in very little bits but I'm trying to put myself out there more. — Oyin Akpan

It is such a great resource. I like how there are more links for further reading, it shows depth in Lade's work. I also like how it wasn't so cliche but felt so personal. As a UX researcher who is learning all sorts on it to be the best at it, this book is really valuable to me. — Pamela Uzodimma

The exercises are quite specific, that they force you to identify your niche. Also, the tips are very practical- they specify what can be done in given situations. For example, suggestions on how to generate content ideas or repurposing content. In all, I love that it was very specific and action driven, rather than vague, and full of flowery “motivational” language — Joanna Okey

It is filled with a lot of gems to learn from. There are a few things I already knew and seeing them in book kinda gave me a nudge to work towards those things mentioned" — Oshomah

I just finished reading the ebook and am wowed by how well you were able to give so much in few words. I am going to print out the worksheet and use it as my content creation guide." - Abah Gift

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