This resource was put together by Lade Tawak. If you're interested in getting started in UX but don't know where to start from, this guide contains resources and articles that can help you

It is primarily aimed at individuals interested in pursuing a career in Design Research. Startup teams, businesses, or team members who want a starting point on how to incorporate research in their process might also find it useful.

It is by no means an exhaustive list but it highlights links that answer some of the questions I get often. I've included links to other resources (especially in the Conferences and Tools sections)

Please feel free to share this resource wherever you like with attribution.

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UX Research

UX Research aka User Research aka Design Research aka Product Research aka Usability Research (but never ever "User Testing"—you aren't testing people, but ideas, features, designs, products, etc) is the process of understanding user behaviours, needs, preferences, motivations, and attitudes by using various observation and feedback collection methods to test hypotheses, assumptions, and solutions. It's one of many parts that make up UX.

Part of a UX Researcher's job is facilitation. That means beyond conducting research, you're facilitating conversations and workshops with stakeholders to help them come to a better understanding of what users want and need.

I have written about learning UX Research on the job, so I want to share some of the resources I've used and I still use to figure things out.

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Why conduct UX Research?

[Career Foundry] What is User Research and what is its purpose

[Medium | Design at IBM] “The vital role of user research

[Medium | Microsoft Design] Skip User Research Unless You’re Doing It Right

[NN/g] Data Is More than Numbers: Why Qualitative Data Isn’t Just Opinions

[UX Mag] Understanding the Importance of User Research with Steve Portigal

[UX Matters] UX Research Is Essential to Product Success

<aside> 💡 It's not just about conducting research, it's about doing it the right way and asking the right questions. Bad research can be as costly as no research. See: What Walmart’s Cleanliness Experiment Teaches about Customer Feedback